Thursday, October 20, 2011

S2 Week 1's thursday; no sch!

hahahah. likea shiok!
Today no school. Sleep until wanjun called me and disturbed my sleep!!!

Met her today ^^
Go northpoint jap fc mum mum~
went to OM again!
Went there ytd~ With yeeshi and eunice!
But they gave me the wrong item so i went back to change............

Damn angry ytd night. hahahah. but its all okay now!!! :)
So i bought 2 items from OM ytd :D
So happy heheheh.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Finally, I dyed my hair after 1/2 year

like ahma hahahaha
@Hair addicts ;)

After dye hao, sibei happy ah.
Damn satisfied!

 Shun bian hao lian my new bag, so cute

Recently keep shopping sia. Pay already use finish 3/4 liao. WTX

okay byebyebye.

J E Y say hello to sem2!!!

(hahaha our album name on facebook)

J: Johnson
E: Eileen
Y: Yeeshi

We've got the brightest hair color in the class!!
yay, hahahah!

Handsome & Pretties! HAHAHA. Self-claim.

HAHAHA, Outfit of the day!!!
Wapiang, wear platform heels. We damn hiao lor~
Keep nearly fall down. HAIX.
这一生中是注定丢脸的. LOLOL

Some random durian which i drew during illustration today. LOL. 
which i need to draw another one in drawing pen!!!

Had lunch @ Northpoint's PIZZA HUT.
Recently just open ^^

Shake that bottle and make it POP
Grace keep spam cheeseeeeeeeeee!

Kay, so first day of school was fine! 
Assignments were given but quite simple! YAY. 
Okay, i go do my motion design assignment liao. 
我好乖哦!转性了. LOL!

BYE! ^_^