Sunday, April 29, 2012

I don't feel good about anything

Except for family and some friends.
Sigh. What's wrong with me...

Presentation's fine. Don't want to talk about it either!
I'm not even there...

All I know is I want to get out of school asap!!!
Just don't feel right there~
Went to meet wanjun @ woodlands --- cut hair!
then head back home... wanted to meet grace also. but haixxx. never...

Heng I got alternative plans! If not wasted day already!
Dinner with sis, yingyang & alan!!! (:
Finally gathered don't know since when... ^^


 Drinking session at my house ^^
Althou only YY came, fun enuf already hahaha.
Overall I enjoyed the gatherings. Jokes and all (:
Back to those fun days.

Stay home Saturday!~ 
disappointed to describe today.

Slept till 330pm then wake up!!! :\
Got feel to bake cookies!!! so we baked~

Off to watch BATTLESHIP with sis & mummy! (:
So nice!!! Watch dao so exciting!!!
Alien so disgusting!!! HAHAHA but I really like this kind of action movies!

 scary faces

Currently gonna drink again... HAHAHA but don't drink much one la. for fun only
Sister finally brought her BF home.

Somehow this made me feel abit better.
I need to make myself feel better.....................
okay bye.

Photobooth pix!

Self-obsessed awhile~