Friday, June 29, 2012

Shorter and healthier hair ^^

I cut my hair shorter around last friday im not wrong XD
Ever since school started, no time to blog :( hahaha. 

hahaha last photo of me with my longer hair. the face like just woke up LOL
after haircut! ^^ 
meet wanjun afterwards!
Simi cock hairstyle LOL
BB came to find me ^^ hehe.

Saturday & Sunday workkkkkk! Morning shift x.x

Grace's meow ^^
Papa came to fetch me from grace's house hehe. yayyyyy

Yesterday! Went for the rehearsal for the Esplanade project @ Goodmen Arts Center. 

Thursday, June 21, 2012


Omg kept on calculating how much will I be earning this month and also planning how to save & spend!!!
Giving mummy more this month because my family's broke T~T hahaha
Saving more than spending this time round!!!

My wants list kept on increasing sia and the prices are also increasing T~T
Not in order.

1. D&G rose the one. Scarlett Johnasson so hot ;)
Tried it once and i fell in love with it hehehe.
Airport's selling it at around $90 if im not wrong!

2. Dr Martens LANGLEY in darkbrown. Actually it is categorized under men's boots but heck!
Purchasing it from the official website since it's cheaper i guess. 
Cus Allen bought it in a different color at the store for $200+ wahhhhh.
It's on sale now USD $84, SGD $111.72!!! 
yayyyyy, I think i can just buy it when my next pay comes! ^^

3. Wacom Bamboo Tablet
As mentioned quite some time ago, my wacom intuos3 stylus went missing -_____-
So i think I would need a smaller one to assist me in my course in the future.
$170 roughly.

And the list currently ends here. hehe. Will update more when I want more la :p hehehe. 
byebye i go eat my supper liao ^^

Wedding Dinner!

Went to attend my mummy's colleagues' wedding!
At yishun safra, 60 tables. Didnt know that safra have such big space to have 60 tables.
60X10= 600 people. wah.

Spam you with picturessssss ;)

At home, making my hair to curl so tied pigtails hahaha!
Bored face hehehe
A blur shot by Gladys which I thought turned out chio. LOL
Roar hahaha
hehe Gladys so cute ^^
On the cab back home
Close up shot of my makeup ;) 

Pictures of the food!!! ^_^

Shark's fin!!! 
Super blur shot of the fishhhhh :( 
Abalone is under the veggies hehe
ahhh PRAWNS my faveeeee ^^
Noodles, hehe last time when i work at HISOCC, i love to eat this noodle siaaa! 
Yam paste, not as nice hisocc de hehe. 

Okay, I'm at school now to do the esplanade project. The last mile ^^