Saturday, July 28, 2012

Out after so long...

Sucky complexion /: 

Finally went out after so damn longggggg.
I think got 3 weeks never go out alr except for going to sch LOL
School is occupying like 90% of my life plzzzzzzz...
Can't freaking wait for holidays to come!!!
Still got around 1month1week? But seems like forever!!! 
Want to go out and have fun. hahaha chiong work lo... earn $_$ ~

Anyway, back to the topic! 
Went to dhoby ghaut with yeeshi to get our materials for modern pop assignment(: 
Still xiao shop at CO/body, end up can't use giftcard!!! Abit sian. hahaha. but still bought stuff @ CO. 
Keep go fitting room sia today!!! hahaha. Show you the picture later. LOL. 

Rocher tau hway(:
Unhappy girl with the fabric she bought hahaha

Went to somerset to meet ting, wen(WEB HAHAHA), yingyang and lixiang ^^ 
Like finally meet again! (:
Dinner @ javier's! hahaha. 

hahaha help her draw eyeliner sia!!! LOL

Walk walk around in cine! 

was considering to buy this but thought that the cut out part was weird /: 

Go home lo. Town was like so dead today! It's a friday!!! 
So tired x.x walked so much today hahaha. 

Hahaha, so we tried to take a group shot....

Failed quite terribly LOL. On a squeezy train, not bad liao laaaaa. hahaha

Loots for the day(: Happy! heehee. 
HAHAHA so i tried this amount of clothes today. tsk sibei hiao. hahaha.

Okay, back to my no-life life. 
Chiong assignment X.X BYEEEEEEEEE :(

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Happy Birthday Joyceeeeee! ^^


Had an advanced birthday celebration for joyce yesterday! :D
Meet up with the girls at yeeshi's house to bake muffins for Joyce! hehe
1-5pm! yumyums!!! wahahaha so cute somemore!!! Decoration credits goes to Grace keke.

Penguin so cute!!!

Out to Daiso to buy the container! 
ARMSWAG!!! all not mine hahahha

Meet Joyce and Reeve at CQ!
Went to Liang Court, Saizeriya Italian restaurant! 
First time, food is cheap too!

My AMAZINGSPIDERMAN ezlinkcard sticker!!! ^^

Chicken Gratin?? hehehe not bad la. but serving portion not enough for me!
HAHAHA!!!!!! GRACE!!!! 

After dinner, we went to the bridge outside and surprise joyce!!
Actually she didnt know that we were celebrating her birthday, she thought go drinking only!

cutest muffins!! hehehe

Headed to holiday inn atrium there to buy our alcohol!
Barcadi Apple with sprite ^^ 
Drank at the bridge near zouk, they say the bridge keep shaking hahaha.

Unglam joyce! haha 
I look tall in this pix! :P
While waiting for cab when the day finally end...

Heh, the present we bought for joyce and she like it! ^^

Random: Rearranged my room's setting hehehe
I'm a strong girl, moved everything alone! LOL