Saturday, August 25, 2012

The August Babies! ^_^

There are a few of my secondary school friends whose birthday falls on the month of August!
Micheal, Jack & Ron!

We celebrated Micheal's birthday(12) and Jack's birthday(24) on the date itself! heehee!
Both were surprise plans! And quite successful laaaaa :p

First up, Micheal's celebration first :)
Jason and I went to meet him first then we lured him to Kingston's house! heehee
While on the bus!

Then we reached and the others were all in the room preparing!! heehee

sad birthday boy, kena force to wear froggie ^^
a normal one ahah!
playing with dry ice!!!
one set of birthday present heehee
they cleaning bird shit LOL

And i ended the day with dinner with my girls at Astons :)
P/S: Video not uploaded!

Now for Jack's birthday surprise!
We prepared water bomb!!! some with flour inside :p hahahaha!
He was sleeping when Zejian and Kingston called him down!

All was ready to attack him. Okay actually only me enthu lo LOL. Wanjun help me video! haha!
Walao play until tired sia. Then time to cut cake. Ron said "AIYA TODAY NO NEED EAT CAKE LA HOR" HAHAHA then SMASH! I also smash the cake onto Jack's face.
Wa but heart pain sia, see the cake drop on the ground, cnnt eat already LOL.

Then jack jitao use the cake bua on my face also! Kingston's the next one LOL.
Then followed by all the other August babies HAHAHA.

haha so good jin ping help us wash our slippers hahaha!
birthday present he wanted! :D 

After that we went to Kingston's house to play!! Play mj, watch movie and play FIFA!!!
P/S: Video also haven upload yet!
free then upload all :P edit also hahaha!

Okay la bye update finish liao. need go back do work liao! HAHAHA
I'll be back with more posts LOL ACT YI GE BLOGGER.

Currently there's a slenderman craze in my class. during studio project. LOL