Sunday, September 16, 2012


Today is the last day of hari raya already!
so good leh, the Muslims' new year is one month long while the chinese's new year only lasts for 15 days, which means lesser days to get angpow. hahaha.

So on the 12 of September, I went jalan raya with my malay classmates and a few of us chinese went along too! hehe!
It was like a one day tour around Singapore! We went to houses from the North to the West then to the East and back to north! and also whole day EAT EAT EAT! hahaha! It was super tiring and fun as well:)

First up! Nad's house, which is also in yishun! hehehe, so I have no problem of being punctual for the meeting time, 1130am XD
I was still wearing my own clothes and then I changed to Maizurah's baju!



NICE? hehe blend in with the walls, and my nails.

Next, we cabbed to teckwhye! there was 11 of us and we were lucky to get a 7 seater cab so cab fare was much more cheaper! ^^ Grace joined us at Athira's house!! hehe. Had mee soto, yums! very long never eat already!

Then we trained to Lakeside, which is Liyana's house! Whoa, her house is my dream house man. haha! Sean joined us! Watched 13 going 30 or smth that movie. haha. I think we stayed at Liyana's house the longest time lo!

Actually we wanted to call two 7 seater cabs to go to Syasya's place but was unavailable :( so had to walk back to the mrt station!! The one wearing heels, jialat, which includes me XD
Training to wear heels, still walking like a socially awkward penguin lo. TSK.

trained to JE then took bus! then the bad thing happened LOL. when I was alighting the bus, I fucking fell flat on the ground!!!!! I think I went blur lo, still maintain maintain abit. hAhAHA!!! The reason was because of the baju and not the heels LOL, cuz the skirt's hem is quite tight and I'm not used to it.... but when I think of it, I keep laugh. siao!

When we reach Syasya's place, which is at red hill, it was around dinner time already! Wanted to play with KIWI(her cat) but it was hiding at most time:(

The second last house! Maizurah's, tampines! Far! So took cab again XD Lepak and eat snacks at her house! so far, I think I like the nutella cake and cornflakes best!!

imitating 5 day mc girl LOLOL!

This picture looks so happy! haha forgot what were we laughing about!

Finally the last house!!! Nash's, serangoon!
when we reach his house, it was already 11 I think! Was excited to go his house, because there are 3 cats!!! *_* one kitten somemore! Damn cute ahhhhh!!! ^_^

After that, we cabbed home and reached home at around 130am? hahaha went out for 14 hours. damn. hahaha!