Monday, March 25, 2013


The long awaited holidays are finally here.
Actually, for about 2 weeks or so already.


Holiday actually mcm no holiday la.
First(or is it second?) week, went back to school to work on the damn MV.
What an unhappy one. Dragged so long, end up?
Nobody's interested in it.

After much consideration, yeeshi and I decided to stop doing the MV.
So probably, we would just combine both our parts and put a few seconds into our portfolio.
That's the best we can think of.

"Sometimes, it's good to be a little selfish" 

Okay, talk a little about the latest studio project that we did.
This is probably the best work I've had.
Was really surprised that there are 82 likes for our clip!!! :)

Grouped up with Zack, Yeeshi and Kelvin Lam.
Although work was good, but the process wasn't great.
Lots of negative thoughts like "so useless", "others did so much, but me?"
Perhaps some self reflection on my part, for self improvement. Nvm, it's all over :)

Oh, yeah RESULTS.
This sem is also the best of all.

2As. Happy cos i dont usually get As in my life lolol.
and the thing is, my GPA finally surpassed 3. LOL.
3.09 as of now.

Okay back to the holidays!
Recapppp, hahaha, need to note down what I've done coz my STM is some serious shit.
But anyway i've got a 365 planner, so i would note down the things i did. hehe.

So our final presentation for the studio proj 4 was on the 1st march, friday.
but amendments were to be made and submitted on 6 march.
so half of the first week of holidays POOF! gone.

on the 8 of march, supposedly going to ECP for longboarding and cycling!
End up, all last min back out. so the people were only left with Me, Nash & Allen!
Nevertheless, we had lots of fun that day!
Went to MBS area to cruise around! Went to Fusion'2013 at the Pit Building in the evening.

Amazing projection did by the year3!

Went to airport to freaking work for them for STOCK TAKE.
Super bored and tired!!! -.-
Morning when otw back home @ 8am.
So it was about 20 hours since the last time i was at home lol.

9 march
Went out with my mummy, jojo & wanjun to IT FAIR @ MBS!
work afterwards lol.

10 march
ADVENTURE COVE with MG people!!! ^^ 
Quite fun la. hahaha but not enuf time to play cos all the Q damn long:( 

Happy pix! ^^

and yeah, this is the most exciting and thrilling thing that we tried inside there and it wasnt even scary lol.

13 april
Visit to Malay Heritage Museum for our upcoming exhibition projection project.
My group will be projecting on cube while the other group will be projecting on a mannequin!
Damn cool! hahaha, but well, the topic is dry and boring... :(
Lots of reading up on information D:

Anyway this is my new wardrobe made by my papa ^_^
The mirror can be hidden and pulled out!


Lepak only hahah
Our exhibition venue!

OOTD for 3 of us!

Miss wongs :)

And these following photos are those taken when we went back to do the MV!

camwhore with dustbin hahaha

Mummy help me tie ^^ heehee

OOTD to work heehee
Look my at socks SPIDEYYYY

Trimming of split ends!

16 march
went for work in the morning! so tired!
at night, meet up with wanjun, jack, micheal and jinping for supper heehee.

The picture i sent to bb when he's sleeping likea pig hahaha

17 march
Another day of work. Boring but need to EARN MONEY!!!
but at night, FUN!! coz BBQ with NYANS ^^ hohoho
Spam food like i never did. hahah no laaaa~


18 march
Went to sch in the morning.
In the evening, went to raffles place to help out YingQuan for her assignment!

With Bernadette and ying quan(:

Look at the scars on my knee:( since jan till now haven recover:(

19 march
Sch again. Then on this day, we scrap off the idea of completing the damn MV lol
Came to my house to dye hair at night!

Act shades act only. hahah

My end result looks like reverse ombrè LOL

Their results are great!
20 march
Received the news that my KL relative passed away ytd morn.
So my family took the coach from golden mile complex to KL.
Around 5 hours!

Back on the next afternoon!

on the coach.

Reached KL! Like 10 years never go alr 

their LRT!


went for some shopping

the hdbs

22 march
Celebrated ZEJIAN'S Birthday at dempsey hill! :)
Went there by Jack & Zejian's cars! heehee

DOME was our first stop!

Second stop! 

There was a live band that night! 
& we sabo-ed zejian hahahaha
Damn funny

Afterwards, we went to sharmin's house to slack!! hahaha

23 march
Facial in the morning. hais, my suckish complexion.
Carnival job in the evening from 5-9:30pm

Made my shoes like this -_-

24 March
With my family and my BB also got come heehee ^^


wear shades act cool again lolol

love him! :*

My precious cousin :) 

On da ferrrryyyyy
My artistic shot ^_^

so cute hahah

lurbb lurbbb