Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sentosa: Beach & Cruise

Hi!!! It's been a week after school reopen. damn sian one la. 
but glad that this weekend i still managed to have some fun. 

I think the last time i went to sentosa's beach was after O levels.
Errr, no. I think it's during poly year 1. bwahaha.

Early in the morning, Kelvin and I went back to sch to get our boards from the FY room. 
There was like 4 boards in there. lolol. FYP machiam playground. 

So here's a not very nicely taken picture. hahaha
cos we didnt took any nice pix of the board!!! :(

Met Allen @ vivo! 
So total 4 boards, including yeeshi's but she was late and so was grace!!!!

hahaha, so me and allen forgot to bring our shades!!! So we went to cotton on to get it.
bwahaha, cheap cheap.
Ahlam still buy a pair of shoes lor! $7 only, thanks to my 50% disc!

pix spamzzz

mandatory shot 

went to LSP STORE after that. 

The tan line and sunburnt skin is bad, real bad.
I'm a lobster now. LOL.
Hais, dont know when will i be back to my original skin tone again.
Whole body's skin tone super uneven. hahaha.

I can even go to work after a day of fun.
Was super tired and grumpy @ work.

okay byez. grumpy again.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


It's not 10 April yet but I wish first. hahaha
Cox we already celebrated her birthday on last Sunday, which is the 7th!

"Happy 20th birthday GABT! meowww. You're one of the first among us to reach the 2 digit. bwahahaha. 
Hope you have a good one on the actual day and also had fun on the day of celebration with us. 
Thou it's a small one :') 
I also hope that we can spend more time tgt cos you have not been meeting us lately and everybody's like getting detached to you:( 
Study hard also okay! The last lap for you already then can grad liao!! 
Last but not least, hope you like your present that we bought for you ^^" 

7 April 2013 ;) 

Mummy took some ootd shot for me hahaha. 

I like my makeup on that day! ^^

Yeah i always camwhore while waiting for the lift. hahaha.

My makeup!
Haha my retarded face with lots of imperfection :(

yeah we reached bras basar! 
There was quite empty so we decided to take OOTD shots! hahaha

funny wanjun hahah.


Searched for quite long then we finally reach Timbre @ the Substation. 
Turned out that we walked one big round... HAHA

Jack: "technology slave"

Yay! First time try Erdinger.
Has to be the best beer I've tried so far! 

forever peace sign

hahaha reason why i added the DINOSAUR.

Joke of the day:
Wanjun: Flamingo = Dinosaur?

& Jack is forever shooting her. LOL