Friday, September 27, 2013

Here it goes again

Yep, the downfall feeling is here again.
I had this lowest point in my poly life before, and the feeling is back again.

I have no idea where this is going.
I have no idea which direction are we even heading to.
I hate this feeling, whereby it is so empty, you have no clue what you're doing.

Haha this literally is my expression, my feelings are like for the past 2 weeks.
Or rather, our best "lecturer". I think the meme suits him better lololol
See him one time, want to box him one time.
Instead of progressing, the whole team is like backtracking.
Urgh, shall not elaborate too much on this already.
Can go cry inside my blanket liao *just jk hahaha*

Anyway I fell sick again on monday which i just recovered from a normal -sorethroatflucough- the previous week ago. This time round is something like food poisoning or stomach flu? I'm not even sure. Coz when I went to the polyclinic on tuesday, the doctor just asked me what's my problem!

Stomach bloating
Feeling nauseous     

Then he asked me do I need any medication. Of course I need if not I go to the doctor for what.
My gut feeling tells me that he must be thinking that I'm just another student who goes to the polyclinic to geng MC. What the hell lo. So I told him I needed the medicine for my stomach bloating one.

The medicine is one of a hell ~.~
TASTES LIKE TOILET BOWL WATER. Okay la I didnt even tasted it before LOL
The taste just very *urgggg*
I only ate the medicine like twice on tuesday then I'm like "forget it!" on Wednesday. Hahaha.
Thank goodness I'm fine already.
Just fucking hate to fall sick or anything.

Some overdue photos from the trip to Sentosa
Taken by Johnson's film camera!
Love the grainy effect.

This photo is like the display picture of the year lolol

Here are some cats shot I've taken when my sisters and i went cat feeding session! Hehe


Cold day!

This is to show you how long my eyelashes are hehe

Y'know what it takes a girl a nice selfie? at least 5 tries. LOL

Dress down day // Don't even bother to smack on any makeup!
Hehe stole my sis floral romper to wear, and i look so tan here.

I am so no life right now and I should sleep. Sho sad:(
This is my current favourite song HAHAHA

Sunday, September 8, 2013


Crazy shit, so right after JALAN RAYA, went home and headed out again. 
Skate to woodlands waterfront from admiralty after meeting the girls. 
First time there, a nice place to chill! Too bad the climb thingy at the playground is under maintenance! 

Some B&W shots!
Across the sea, its JB! 
It's been long since i went there:( I want to go find my cousin! No time man.

And right after skating, we left at around 4am and went home coz i've got work @ 530AM.
Another crazy shit, so i went to work without any sleep.
That's the last day I am working at cotton on, T2 Departure Hall.
Thank goodness I was working with Ben and not other FT staff because I was stoning half the time!

The last farewell photo :')
Till we meet again..
Sent Jack & Jinping off to their boarding gate after I knock off!

After that, I went to Anthony's house and TOH already /:
Sekali his parents think I'm a PIG :(
I survived for over 24hours without sleep as i woke up early for jalan raya!

Day out with the girls! :) 
Acutally the plan was to SWIM in the morning, TEOHENG in the afternoon & SHISHA at night!
But plan failed, cos some couldn't wake up in the morning lor! :@ 

So straight away, meet at SSC Teoheng! Heehee sing sing our 'new' found favourite song!

Heehee OOTD ownself in the lift.

sanpat girls, lipstick.
Haha, the ahgong so cute, like xmas lao gong gong! 
Badgirl Grace! Haha posing for photo only la! :p
then i also sanpat, pose only heehee
some stupid fake roses they put on my beanie!

Wa, treat it as their own house already LOL

Nice ambience, some shop @ HajiLane.

Was hungry in the midnight, but i was too lazy to fry french toast, so i pour the egg on the bread then toss it into the toaster and this was the result! HAHA, looks fine and taste fine too! Not very nice thou!

Off to sentosa we go!!! With KittyKatKlaws!!!
AND AS USUAL, EVERYBODY WAS LATE. From 10am-11am-1pm then we reach sentosa LOL
So i had breakfast @ toastbox with Sean first, as both of us were the earliest to reach!
Went to TOY R US and explore!! Haha

Yeah, skated from vivo to siloso beach!

Best photographer stance award goes to JOHNSON!

Nice sunlight, Good company, Day completed!

The start of the rainy season!
It was so cold that I have to wear layers! Heehee, also good, have chance to do layering.
I even brought my umbrella out ^^
Went out to run some errands and meet mummy for lunch:)

Sis joined us too!


大嘴巴 LOL

Went over to yeeshi's house stayover the previous night!
Then woke up at 6am, prep & off to the airport we go! (:

Sent yeeshi & jinhan off to HONGKONG for their internship @ carbon! :)

HAHA 那些年

Farewell group photo!!

Haha I even send them till the boarding gate cos i have airport pass WOOHOO
which i returned it afterwards LOL

This bottle of Belvedere, will wait for 3 months later to OPEN YOU HAHA 
Went out for dinner with Wanjun & Jack @ 925 ^^

gift from jack & jinping ^^

Obsessed with stripes HAHA
I'm so lazy to exercise to have abs sia, always 三分钟热度, halfway lazy already! :@

PAYDAY!!!! Which means SHOPPING!!!
So the first thing that I wanted to buy was MY DR MARTEN BOOTS!!!
OFF TO TOWN!!! With my sister and couz :) Like bring two kids go out lo HAHAH

Watched this video then I was inspired to do it too!
So I did it! Heehee

Which I think I only achieve like 30% of resemblance but I like it on me anyways. Hehe.

Chocolate Devotion
Supposedly, this should be a knuckle ring, but I took one size up and
it became a normal ring size for me! (:
Dress from H&M!
Sis wanted the dress, so I bought it for her.
Ended up I also like it after I tried it hahaha
Everywhere I find, all size 38 were SOLD OUT

BB liked the brown one but my sis told me to get the black one.

Haha, Yeeshi just now send us this pic!
Gift from us to her! Bobheaded IRONMAN
Take plane! Haha, so cute!

School will be resuming on MONDAY!!!! 

Yeah, fetching bb tmrw morning. BOOK OUT LOOOOO! ^^