Monday, November 24, 2014

#insaneileenTravels: BALI HONEYMOON



Changed my blogskin like finally, after so long using the default template!

Last time during secondary school days, always damn 'eng' to change blogskin and shit.
Now I don't even care about my non-existence blog anymore!


I want to blog about my bali trip ^^

Okay so here it goes!

P/S: My photos are all quite pixelated T_T Worst nightmare for me LOL
As all the photos were taken by my iPhone4s and bb's LG G2(Actually his phone's quality not bad la).
 & I wanted the iPhone's filter, so I had to upload to Facebook, then transfer to the comp. VERY TROUBLESOME. 
Why iPhone's filter cannot stay when transferring to the comp ah?!


28 JUNE 2014 - 1 JULY 2014

We chose to take AIRASIA since it's the cheapest option as the trip was super last minute!

Just one week before, he suddenly told me that he can get block leave before going to unit!
YAY! 2-Way ticket cost us around SGD $250 each which was quite reasonable! :)


Our flight was 12:15PM but I was so excited i woke up early to prepare HAHAHA

Like around 8+AM lolol

\\ 9:30AM
Went to meet Anthony at his house then we took cab to the airport because I was lazy to take 858.
Although we only had a small carry on luggage with us hehe.
Had breakfast at Terminal 1. Actually still want to go T2 to shop awhile but no time already!!

Hangover boy hahaha
Go drink more lo! :p

\\ 12PM


\\ 2:40PM

After 2h30m, we arrived at Ngurah Rai International Airport! ^_^ 
The interior of the airport was not as bad as I've imagined. Actually it's not bad la. 
Just arrived at the airport only, my eyes started to feast already. 
So many angmohs la! With their surfboard~~ hahaha!

Headed to our hotel by the airport taxi. 
It costed IRP 80 000, so it's around SGD $8. 
Oh, the exchg rate was SGD$1 = IRP9566. 
But to make things easier, I just calculate by SGD$1 = IRP10 000!

\\ 3:45PM
Arrived at our hotel in less than 10 mins, good! Very near to the airport.
Quite satisfied with the room even if its small. Haha for 2 person only no need so big!
The only downside is that theres no bathtub :(
Checked in, put down our barang barang. Then time to head out to explore around!

*Taken from the site

\\ 4:15PM
First stop: Discovery Shopping Mall! 

Just 10 mins of walking from our hotel, how accessible :)
A relatively small mall thou, with just 4 storeys. IMO, nth much to shop there. 
But there's a few ice cream shops that Singapore have too! 
So i ate 2 scoops of ice cream from baskin robins hohoho! 

Just exit from the mall and its the KUTA BEACH!!! 
It was so sunny!! The atmosphere is so good~~ 

"Ahhhh~ This is life~"

*I still have got videos to compile tgt but my macbook pro is down. So i can't edit my videos :( 
Even my taiwan trip videos i also haven compile and edit la! 


After exploring the beach, we went back to the mall as it was too hot hahaha.

Then it was about time for dinner! Couldn't decide what to eat, so fast food it is.

KFC hahahah

Anyway there's alot of china people there too -.-
And can sense/see that the indonesian don't really like asian people.
Because Caucasian. hahaha

His oily mouth hahaha

\\ 6PM

After dinner, went to back the beach to catch the sunset! 
So nice! The gradient of the sky!!! :) 
Kids playing soccer on the beach, the waves hitting the shore, so peaceful! 
I LOVE IT! :) 



// 7:30PM

Continued to walk down the beach till the sky is dark. The sun sets earlier here in Bali! 

We saw Hard Rock hotel and decided to check it out! 
Went to McD for a rest. Haha walked for a long distance already!

Horse carriages! 
I think the horses very poor thing leh :( 
They look so tired when at rest. Like slave :(

Band performing outside Discovery Mall! 
Sibei rock sia their hairstyle LOL!

// 9PM

Hungry time! Takeaway Domino's pizza back to hotel room to eat ^^ ^^ ^^
Glutton iz me. hehehe SO YUMMMMMZ! & It's definitely cheaper than what SG offers!


// 12AM

Wanted to watch soccer on TV. But the channel that plays the WorldCup 'hanged' -_-
Turns out the hotel didnt want to allow the guest to watch inside the room. God knows why -_- 
Went to sleep instead! 



// 8AM

Nua from 8am to around 9am then finally got up and prep to go waterbom!!! 
Before leaving the hotel!

Went to KFC again to have our breakfast before starting the fun! :)
Waterbom Waterpark is just right opposite to Discovery Mall only! 
Which means that it is also walking distance from our hotel! 

Entry fee: USD $33 

I love the technology there! The sensor tag band. 
We can top up as many amount as we would like to and use the band to pay everything inside the waterpark! 
You can even top up and check the amount within the park. 

Same goes to the locker! No keys or coins. Just the sensor tag band. 
Tap to open or close! No more fuss for digging coins to insert into the locker after opening it once. 
Singapore should adapt to this technology soon. hahaha! 

Super heng that I went to get the waterproof cover from Wanjun before the night I came to bali!
If not I would have taken so much photos in the waterpark!!! :) 

// 10AM
First stop: Lazy River~~~ 

Queuing up for slides lo!!! 
Start from the less exciting one first :)

\\ 1230PM
Lunch time!!!
Oh i also forgot to mention that people who went to play, 70% are angmohs! *_*
Had nasi ayam smth smth. Shared a plate cos we didnt want to get too full!!
The exciting slides were still waiting for us hahahah!

After lunch, went back to lazy river to chill first. Wahahaha! 
Camwhore again! 


Poolside bar~ Chilling! 

His failed shot lolololol
I want show off my bikini lehhhh~~~

hohoho my handsome boyfriend ^^
Was messing around with his hair hehehe

Finally went to conquer SMASH DOWN!!! 
The tallest slide! T_T 
Actually I really didnt dare to go up leh, is bb keep encourage me to play one. 
hahahah end up we still played twice! Still got video!!! *Check out my Instagram!

Then followed by Climax! The slide whereby you have to stand within a capsule then the timer goes...

3.. 2.. 1..

SAYONARA~ You're gone!!! Faint screamings. hahaha. 
I hesitated before stepping in the capsule. Then suddenly got this feel, like..


Then within 6 secs, I'm at the end of the slide already. DAMN FAST LA!
Somemore I still kena stuck inside the slide when it was going upwards! 

// 3:30PM
After playing finish all the slides!
Chilling on the chair while drying ourselves!

This is the MY scary ranking from 

YAY! Im so happy that I've conquered all the rides leh! 
woohoo! It was so fun!!! Everybody that go to Bali should try the waterpark man! Hahaha! 
Spent most of the day time in the park. Money well spent LOL. 

// 4:30PM
Left the waterpark and went to kuta beach again!! 
Cos we didn't touch the sand and the seawater the previous day! Hahaha
The waves sudden high tide then bb's berms tio hahaha

Just some random couple who kept hugging then letting the waves hit them hahaha


Kids playing beach soccer again! 
They set up their own goal post, so cute one hahaha

// 5:30PM
Went back to hotel afterwards to shower~~ 
& eat our pauper dinner, cup noodles hahahaha. 
Napped from 8+ to 11+ PM! As we will be watching soccer at a bar nearby our hotel! 

hahah he fell asleep first soooooo tou pai!


Started the day off by watching the match between Holland & Mexico!
Decided to watch at the bar in Sun Island Hotel
Atmosphere is quite chill and not alot people :) & big screen! 

// 2AM
Holland won! Yayyyyyy
Went back and ZZZ already~~ 


// 8AM
Woke up!! Prep, then went to our hotel lobby. Somebody is fetching us! 
To the watersports venue. From Kuta to Nusa Dua! 

The driver was nice enough to drive us to a place to have our breakfast before playing! 
He even waited for us for around half an hour to 45 minutes. hehe. 

@ Lower part of Bali :)


Watersports fun!! 
Tried 4 kind of activities for SGD$50, it's a package that we booked on the second day. 

1. Banana Boat

2. JetSki

3. Parasailing

4. Flying Fish

It was fun!! Everything was played within 2 hours! 
Quite fast! Anyway, I was the most afraid of banana boat la. Noob shit LOL
Cos I scared to fall into the deep blue sea~~~ 

The other three were fun! 
The person who rode jetski with me let me control for awhile. But I didnt dare to go too fast! 

Parasailing, I want to fly up for a few times. With my camera of course. Hahaha. 
The sea has no ending, so beautiful! Ants human! 

Flying Fish, we paid an extra $4 each to fly one more time. Hahaha. 
So sunny when we were facing up to the sky before flying up!! 

I did not take any pictures :( 
Only this hahaha. 

The driver then drove us back to our hotel. 
Showered, then out to hunt for food! 

// 3PM
Settled down at a restaurant called Bali Brasserie nearby! 
The food was good! "UP THERE" as quoted from my bb hahaha. 
Anyway when you're at Indonesia, make sure to eat their local cuisine cos their western food cannot make it leh! 
But their local food are really da bomb! 

This banana fritters dessert damn nice la. 
Still got icecream one :D 

Spicy but very nice~~~

Thats the way man~

Went back to hotel to rest awhile before heading out to Potato Head Beach Club!
It was quite a distance from our place to that place. 
Took cab! Cabs were everywhere in Bali. They will even honk you, or rather any tourists, to check if they want a cab or not. (Y) 

// 7PM
There's a long queue when we reached. Didn't know what to expect. Hahaha
Was finally in after half an hour of waiting! 
It was kinda dark inside. 

But overall I like it there. Would be better if we went earlier. Maybe before the sun sets. 
The food was so so because we had western food. Abit regret. But its okay! 
The atmosphere paid for it. hehe. 

Didn't drink alcohol because we had to get up very early the next day :(

Noobshit cant open his eyes with flash on LOL 
After 4-5 tries, all same result!!!

// 9PM
Cabbed back to hotel to ZZZZ cos we planned to wake up at 4AM to watch soccer, 
followed by watching the sunrise! 

End up we only fell asleep around 11+ cos we were watching NOW YOU SEE ME on TV!



Hope to have more trips and getaway with you. 
One day.. EuroTrip ^^ 

// 4AM

Woke up!! Went to the same bar as the previous day to watch the WorldCup match between
Significantly lesser people were there to watch because of the timing! 
I was hungry so I ordered my breakfast ^^ 

Nearing to the end of the match, IT WAS POURING!!! :( 
Which means no sunrise to watch already T_T 
Went back to the hotel, napped awhile since there's still time before we need to get to the airport! 

// 7:15AM
Checked out :( 
Dragging our luggage and left our hotel! 
Didn't have a chance to swim in the hotel! :( 


// 730AM
@ the airport! Ready to check in. And fly back to reality :( 
Board the plane @ around 830am. 
We thought we would be sleeping on the way back but surprisingly, we were not tired and still watched "LION MEN" on his phone. hahaha. 

Arrival Hall. 

Trying to be awake face! 
Tired us!

// 12PM
Arrived Singapore! Went to T2 to shop abit and T3 to see butterfly hahaha
Act one tourist sia. lolol

Had lunch @ the airport then head back home already. 


& YES! 
That's the end of my wonderful getaway to bali with bb! ^^

It's been 2 weeks since we came back. but I think I'm still having post-Bali syndrome 
dafuq lololol! My instagram keep #THROWBACK 

It was my second time to travel in 2014! hehe so lucky me! 
Probably one more to come this end of year? ^_^ 

I'm aiming to go HongKong! Anybody? Hahaha 

Such a long post!
 Thank you for reading and bearing with me if you managed to read till the end! 

Till next time!