Friday, July 25, 2014

CafeHopping: The Tiramisu Hero

What Singaporeans love to do most: CafeHopping! Food! 

Of course I'm also into it as I love to eatttttt. Who doesn't? 
But I would consider the cafés' price range abit expensive for me thou, so I won't hop so frequently! 

As it was my colleague, Shin's last day of work, we went to The Tiramisu Hero for lunch!!!
It's just along the same street as the building of our studio! 

121 Tyrwhitt Road 
Nearest MRT: Lavender 
Around 10mins walk

We were very lucky because it was the last day of their lunch promotion, 50% off for main course!!!
Yayyyy to discounts! 

I liked the cozy interior! The furnitures gave me a quirky vintage vibe. 

I ordered a main; Bangers with mashed potatoes, and two desserts; Tiramisu(Original) and waffle with ice cream! 

Bangers: 7/10 
Tthe serving was abit too much for me!!! Out of the 3 sausages, I only managed to finish 1 1/2! Damn! What I like most was actually the thing beneath the sausages, the mash potato!!! $7.50

Tiramisu: 9/10 
Super yumzzzz, as I'm a sweet tooth! But for such a small serving, I would say that it's a little pricey! $7.50 

Waffle with ice cream: 6/10
Nope, not a fan of this cafe's waffles and ice cream! It's quite normal to me. It's better to stick back to what they are famous for, the tiramisuuuuu! $7

Tadah! That's about it! 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

#insaneileenTravels: Taiwan 台湾

This post is way overdue man!
It have been 3 months since the Taiwan trip that I went with my mummy & papa hehe.
Supposedly, I wanted to do up a proper blog post after I've returned. And also edit all the videos taken.


I think I have not backed up the pictures and videos onto my hard disk.
But thankfully, I've already uploaded all the pictures to Facebook.
& most of the pictures were taken using my phone, so its okay!

This Taiwan trip was highly anticipated by me as it was my 'graduation' trip and it was at the point whereby
I fell in love with the idea of TRAVELLING AROUND THE WORLD. Wanderlust??? Haha.
It was about one month after I've graduated from NYP(end of March)!

Shit. I don't even remember the date we departed. *Lemme process my thoughts abit* hahaha.


Okay rmbr already!!!


28 APR - 2 MAY


Flight was 12pm, so had to reach @ 10am for checking in baggage. Brought one big and one small luggage!
Took TigerAir flight, cos we budget yo. Haha.
After 4 hours and 45 minutes, we finally arrived @ Taoyuan International Airport!
Excited to exit the airport to feel the cold air!

Yeah I brought my spidey to Taiwan with me HAHAHA

Immigration @ Taoyuan Airport

Finally done with immigration stuff after half an hour or so. 
I was surfing net at that moment already. Hahah. 

Our tour agency driver was waiting for us at the arrival hall! 
Exited the arrival hall to wait for him to drive his vehicle over to drive us to the hotel! 

BRRRRRRR, it's even colder outside than in the airport. 
BUT I'M LOVING IT! If I'm not wrong, the temperature was around 16degrees? 
Hen shiok! Something you can never experience in HOT HOT SINGAPORE!


Arrived @ our hotel @ Xi Men Ding area after 45 minutes of drive from the airport :)
Paradise Hotel, 伊乐园饭店. 3 Star hotel only, so did not expect much!

Photos all taken from the net. Our room was worse than what is shown above. Hahaha!
Unpacked our stuff, smack on some makeup and we were ready to head out to find FOOD
and explore the streets of Xi Men Ding!!! ^_^

Walked past a phone shop to buy a local phone card, for data access! 
5 days for internet ALL DAY costed around SGD $30? Or slightly cheaper. But I think its pretty worth it!

Went to a random cafe to settle down for dinz as we were too hungry to continue to roam around!
Pretty decent western food. And we realised that the food were considered expensive la. 
But still, nice cafe environment with Victorian style.  

Finally done filling up our hungry tummy, it's time to explore Xi Men Ding!!! :D 
& of course, shopping! 

Gotta try the famous AH ZONG MIAN XIAN! 
But sadly, it wasnt to my liking! 
My parents also find it okay only. 

My papa's face be like "拍够了没有-.-" HAHAHA

Saw this egg thingy! It smells nice! So I bought 10 of it in different flavours since it's cheap.
Turns out I bought literally 10 EGGED SIZED 鸡蛋糕 -_-
Only finished like 5 of it, and threw away the rest :(

fail #OOTD
LOL My mummy damn 三八 la, 什么都要拍~!

Then it was around 1030PM already, most of the shops were closing. So time to head back to hotel!
Get ready for the next day, which was tour day! Need to wake up damn early wor.

Yay! I have the whole bed to myself! ^^


Woke up @ around 7+ AM @.@ 
Prep, went down to have hotel breakfast and then waited for our tour agency to fetch us @ the lobby! 

#OOTD, feeling like a student. Look at dem white socks. hahaha.

First stop: 
Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall, 中正纪念堂

My mummy really 什么都要拍,花也不放过!
所以我也学她!But selfie mode :D 

Buau tahan my mummy and her super touristy pose LOL

Their motorcycle culture. Got special lane for them one! 

Second stop: 
Martyrs Shrine

The guards of the place are not allowed to move a single bit while on the platform 
for 30 freaking minutes! 

Actually they are the guys of Taiwan's Airforce!
 My tour guide was like saying all the men in the Airforce are specially picked 
and are mostly good looking. 


Special bird spotted! 
It's the national bird of Taiwan! 

More touristy pictures...

Third stop: 
I forgot what is it called, but it's some very high class hotel lol.

Fourth stop: 
More boring places hahaha

My mummy and her gimmicks!!!

Fourth stop: 

Xlb feast! ^^

Fifth stop: 
JIU FEN 九份!!! 

Haha, was waiting to go there for the whole morning. Boring historical places, not to my taste!
Bought some 地产 back. Tried some famous food. Climbed to the top to appreciate the nice view!
Got lost when going back to the meeting point! LOL

Fast forward to the last stop:

Yay, finally got off the tour and time to again, explore the area by ourselves!!!
Shopping wise, I think it's alright. Kinda like Bugis street! Also kinda regret never buy more stuff! HEHE


Headed back to hotel by cab at around 11PM!
Bought this headband @ shilin! And still loving it!


Wore new contact lens on the second day which was bought on the day 1. 
Bought 5+1 pairs! And it's cheap and safeeeee



Woke up quite early too, just to eat the hotel breakfast which ends at 930AM!
Yay! Today we are going to Taipei 101, Wu Fen Pu & Rao He night maket!
Itinerary set by me after reading thru lots of blogs! Hehe

We finally took the metro, their MRT! Quite easy to navigate around :)
This is their version of ezlink card! So cute, use coin one.
So when you exit, just 'dong' back the coin into the machine!

Anyway, we traveled from Xi Men Ding to Taipei 101!

This is bad! It was raining quite heavily when we reached Taipei 101! :( 
But that didnt stopped me from taking a picture of my favourite Spiderman!!!
And of course, a shot of the building!

I was quite upset that it was raining and the observatory level was closed!
So we can only view from the building itself, cannot go out to feel the breeze lol.

Upppp upppp here we go gooooooo!

It was totally a wrong timing to come. Raining = misty = can't see shit!!!
So wasted leh!!! :( But for the experience of the world's fastest elevator, just go lor. LOL

Came down after an hour of taking pictures and what not. Went to the food court for our lunch!
So many people @.@

After Taipei 101, we went to take ChooChoo.. Railway Train! Cos we were heading to Wu Fen Pu.
Which the station is _____, Fill in the blank later.

So some background about Wu Fen Pu!
It's a wholesale market place for fashion items! So according to other blogs, it's an amazing place to shop
whereby the things are cheap and nice.

Sorry but NICE MY ASS.
In my opinion, it's even worst than Bugis Street!
It was an absolute shopping disaster for me man.

Yes, the place is indeed very big, but the fashion items really cannot match up to my taste!
I forcefully bought only 3 items there.
An outerwear, a sheer polka dots maxi skirt and my favourite buy from Taiwan, a black backpack!
My poor papa had to walk so long with mummy and I!

To add up to the disaster, it was drizzling too. Some roads are not sheltered, so have to keep holding an
umbrella. So troublesome! :( Ultimate bad experience for me. Because most of the shops sell the same stuff!
Left WFP sad, disappointed and TIRED!

& it's time for dinner!
So Rao He Ye Shi is around the corner, we went there to have our dinner!
LU ROU FAN @ some random stalls! Yumz.

Super cute corgi on sale!!! :(
I WANT!!!!

Then after dinner, walked around.
Bought a sandals there!

Back to Xi Men Ding! Walk walk awhile more before going back to hotel to rest...

Went 7-11 to buy ALL THE SNACKSSSSSS
Everything is so niceeeeeeeeeeeee


Itinerary: Xiao Ren Guo & Dan Shui! 

Woke up slightly later, so I missed the hotel breakfast. Didn't liked it anyways. Haha
So I went to YongheDouJiang for my breakkie!

Some cabbie intro us to go Xiao Ren Guo, which sounds interesting. but totally not la T__T 
Wasted money and time to there!!! Took us 1 hour + to get there!! And we only stayed less than an hour inside there... It was scorching hot there too!

Quickly went off to Dan Shui!!! Which was quite a long distance from the Xiao Ren Guo place to DS. 
Like JE to Pasir Ris LOL. 

Dan shui: highlight of my entire Taiwan trip! 
I super love that place la! 
Shop! Eat! Scenery! All in one! BESTTTTT

The first thing that caught my eyes is the jumbo ice cream!!! 
As usual, i chose my favourite chocolate flavour. 
Was excited to eat and of course take picture!!!

Second thing that caught my eyes was The Museum of the Strange!! 
Filled with weird and strange things you can ever find! 
There are a few of those strange thing displaying outside the museum, there's more inside, but need pay!
So we didn't went in :(  


After we were done walking the 淡水老街, we were welcomed with a view like this!!
Super nice :)
And the weather was very cooling! Kept blowing my hair, very messy so I tied it up :)

Fried Enoki!!! :D 

So many cute doggies running around! :D

Actually our plan was to go to fisherman's wharf or the lover's bridge to watch the sunset. 
But we were abit caught up of time so we just watched the sunset behind 淡水老街!
Can't get a full view, only caught a glimpse! 

Went back to Xi Men Ding and back to our hotel. 

DAY 5 

Sadly, it's our last day! T__________T
Flight was in the noon. So we still have some time in the morning to spend.
Roam around Xi Men Ding for the last time!

Super long queue for Nike Air Jordan!
Apparently, it's a very in thing for Taiwanese!

Love my brows here hahaha

Around 12pm, headed back to hotel for checking out!
Then time to go to the airport :(

Last meal at Taoyuan Airport. 
By the way, there's literally nothing much to eat except for the place we had lunch at... 
I was so pissed off LOL. 
Singapore Airport the best already sia, other airports cnnt compare man. 

Board plane lo~~~ 
Toilet selfie!!! *David Choi style. Hahaha

So many planes were queuing up to take off! 

Super nice sunset view on the plane :)
Nice ending to my Taiwan trip!

So after Taiwan trip, my holiday officially ended!!! 
Started to work full time since 5 May 2014!