Friday, August 22, 2014

August Happenings

I'm having my two days off(Thurs-Fri) from work because I've been OT-ing for the past 2 weeks
and this is my well-deserved break! ^_^ YAY TO LONG WEEKENDS!

Whole day running around of errands. But actually all at Yishun only la. Hahaha.
Wanjun accompanied me yay ^_^
Morning woke up around 10+am then run here and there till 5pm.
Napped till 10+pm. Hahaha here I am, blogging @ 12:56am, if not I'd be sleeping alr!

Having dessert @ northpoint in the afternoon!

Just woke up from nap. Pic that I sent to my bb. Hahaha. 

My dinner. ahahaha

17 AUG 2014 // Steph's 21st Birthday Surprise!!! 

To see the more detailed version, go to haahahah!

went to her house early in the morning to prep!!! while she was still in her lalaland.
Theme was Hawaiiiiiiiiii~ Because the present we gave to her was bikini! Hahaha

So the 7 Princesses very onto the theme also. Wore bikini in a house LOL
at first we still bluff her the longboard was her present. For 2 years cos quite expensive ma hahaha

All the 7 Princesses HAHAHA
Sibei gaoxiao all wearing bikini ahhahah

Sherry, the xiao princess also wanna join us hahaah

Cut cake session! 
Bought the baby Mickey swensens ice cream cake for her cos she is a baby. 
A 21 y/o baby, bendan, shadan. hahahah

Other than the bikini, we also gave her this emoji pillow. 
Hahaha she love it. Keep sending us this image sia. BTH LOL

Then we tricked her that we were going to sentosa after our lunch @ her house. 
But actually we're going to CQ's gmax HAHAH

Shock of her life sia.
but we know that we need smth to threaten her to go up to play. 

So yeeshi very clever, brought out her 21 years never wash de chouchou out 

This two very happy, keep want to throw her chouchou into the river!!!
Her face is kena threatened dao want to cry alr LOL

I love yeeshi's face in this pic LOL

Yeaaaaaa and Eunice accompanied her to play! 

They still got the GoPro footage for free for some reasons hahahah! 
I watch the video i keep want to laugh sia LOL

15 AUG 2014 // Mummy's 41st birthday!!!

Did this and posted onto facebook. 
At the end of the day, then my mummy told me got typo error LOL -_-

Anyway I was so angry that day @ work. I thought I can leave on time to celebrate mummy's birthday.
so I told my family that i'll meet them ard 645pm at NEX. Then they had to wait for me to reach. Tsk!

End up leh, I made some mistakes -_- made myself so pissed off. Rage and teared a little in office.
Felt so stupid HAHAHA. Careless me, haissssss. Too kanchiong also. LOL keep want to leave office only.
I will try to be less careless in the future :(

8 AUG 2014 // Drinking after work

First stop: Naked Bar @ AnnSiang Hill~~~
Yeeshi intro me this drink, Snowball!
Doesnt even taste like alcohol, sweet stuff, me likey! :)

Bumped into the MG GUYS too!! Such a coincidence they were at the area too!! Hahahah
And most of us were in BLACK!

Then went to Madison Lounge to find Madeline!
Got in, free alcohol. But none of us got drunk. But still regretted that night cos we KPO la.
TIRED LIKE MAD!!! Really old liaozzzzz

Hehehehe they look cute tgt ;)

I am happy to have you in my life ^_^