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#insaneileenTravels: HONG KONG DAY 1 & 2

2 weeks since I came back from HongKong and I'm still missing the food over there!!! 
Went to Hong Kong with Yeeshi for 7 days in celebration of our 21st birthday
Both of us agreed that our money was super well-spent! 

Instead of having a birthday party which normally happens within a day, 
we chose to have a 7 days party abroad! hahaha! 
And guess what? The amount spent for that 1 day party VS 7 days party abroad is about the same! 
Hahah friends, you guys know who you are huh. HAHAHA! 


So we started our planning way back in Sept 2014, 3 months before the trip. 
Was super excited. We decided to travel on budget. Everything for the trip must be CHEAP! 
And by cheap, we really mean super CHEAP on accommodation wise. 
For our flights, we tried to find the cheapest way and the best timing. 

Flights ($405)

SCOOT ($180)
SG --- HK 
1:55AM - 5:35AM                     

TIGER AIR ( $225)
HK --- SG
6:50PM - 10:55PM

Accommodation (> S200!!!)

AIRBNB Apartment (4D3N; $107)
It's located at Sham Shui Po, an old district in HK :) 
There's a court just opposite our apartment, alot of elders were exercising! Alot of doggies too!!

I slept on the top bunk! Bed was comfy, basic necessities are ok. 
Just that the toilet is really way too small... HAHAH 
I was really bothered about it on Day 1!!! 

There were other travelers in the room too, the Filipino woman was unfriendly. 
Only stayed 2 nights with us and she's gone! 
Then the other 2 nights was with 2 other chinese girls. 
Didn't had a chance to talk with them as we were always out till late and they're out early!

Pictures are taken from the listing and it's true to picture! (Y) 

YHA Tai Mei Tuk Hostel (1 Night; $25)

YHA Ngong Ping Hostel (1 Night; $25)

Check out the website for pictures because I don't even bother to take!
Do not expect anything nice from these accommodation! It's shared dorm.
You get what you paid for! :) 


Never really follow according to plan everyday but all the things listed here, we got them covered :) 


Thank you Wanjun, Grace and Steph for sending us off! :) 

Departed SG @ 1:55AM
Only slept for about 2 hours on the plane! So that's the amount of sleep we had for Day 1!

Out of HK airport @ 630 AM after immigration stuff. 

Bought prepaid card with data! Forgot how much was it already. 
We had to top up every 2 days! -_- 

Took airport express --- HK Island MTR --- Jordan MTR to have our first meal!!! 


wah, super miss the scrambled egg la!!! 入口即化!!! 
And HongKong's egg taste super different from Singapore's egg! 
Heard that they used Japanese egg. 
Their milk tea is really really nice!!! I finally tasted the AUTHENTIC HK MILK TEA

We reached there about 730am, haven full house yet which is good for us cos we were carrying our burden luggage with us. Hahaha. 

Heng they gave us a corner seat, got some space to put our burden. 

After our satisfying meal, we headed to Sham Shui Po to hunt for our Airbnb Apartment! 

But we were too damn early for the check in time... 
So we went around the neighbourhood and settled down at the court opposite our apartment to kill some time.

*Haha animation abit wrong here.
Supposed to be Airport --- Jordan --- Sham Shui Po

Checked in at around 11am. Put down our luggage and rested for awhile before heading out again. 

We also realised that our apartment is nearer to Prince Edward station instead of Sham Shui Po. Hahaha. 

Took the MTR from Prince Edward --- Sheung Wan

MACAU EGGTART!!! Some snacks before our lunch with Carbon!
Super nice portuguese eggtart ^_^ 

Walked and explored from Sheung Wan to Central. 

Yeeshi showed me her old apartment too! 
Central, SLOPES EVERYWHERE. Hong Kong people are strong man. Esp the elders!
Salute them! Hahaha. 

Lunch Time! 

To the best ramen place recommended by yeeshi! 
Indeed, the ramen is the best one I've ever tried!!! ESP THE EGG. AHHH!!!


*Slurps the egg yolk!!!

After the meal, Jacky brought us around Central and we parted at PMQ! 
Thanks for the treat too! :) 

Continued to walk around at Central... till about 5pm, went to starbucks to chill before heading to the ferry terminal to take the boat to TsimShaTsui!

Off to TST!

Some super nice xmas projection show! 

Our dinner on Day 1!

Dead beat when we reach our apartment!! Legs were breaking cos walked too much sia! 
And we didn't have much sleep!!! Slept at around 12am! 
Next day need to wake up early cos going OCEAN PARK!!! Yay! 


Good morning lol! Morning selfie! Hahaha the faces like swollen.

Prince Edward --- WanChai for breakfast!! 

The portion for one breakfast set is so filling!! Very nice too hohoho
Noodles + Polo Bun. Hahaha stock up some energy to play at ocean park :)
Forgot the price already but i rmbr it being very cheap! haha 

After breakfast, headed from Wanchai --- Admiralty to take the bus to OP!!! 

Our first ride! The ARTIC BLAST! 
Queued for 45mins man, damn long. Cos it's the kids-friendly ride! 
We still film ourselves when on the ride!! hahahah 

Our second ride!!! Fucking scary ah!!! hahaha 
You will hang in the air sia ahahaha i shout the longest on this LOL

Time to chill for awhile.. 
Went to see the marine animals hahaha
The penguins walk damn cute leh. 

The arctic foxes are damn chio! hahaha  

Queuing up for the HAIR RAISER!!! 
Snacking while queuing muahahaha

Some mine themed roller coaster. 
Seems like a normal, not that scary kind of ride, turned out to be quite thrilling LOL. 
Every drop we shout sia. hahaha 

yay fun day at OP!!! 

Left at around 630pm!! 
Yes, this photo was taken around 630pm!! So dark already hahaha 

Went back to our apartment to get changed and went to LAN KWAI FONG!!! 
Countdown to XMAS & Yeeshi's 21st!!! Hahaha 
Meetup with joyce to have our dinner first at some 24 hours cha chaan teng @ Central! 

Queuing up to enter lan kwai fong!!! Damn alot of people siaaaaaa 
Road block everywhere, police everywhere. 
Can't even take any shortcut hahaha

3.. 2.. 1.. 


Wanted to settle down at a bar for some drinks and shisha.

But the price was jack up to a ridiculous amount la!
HKD 300 ~ SGD $50 for an hour. wtf!

So we went to a club which comes with a free drink and some photobooth thing LOL

& the club was the worst club I've gone to HAHAHA
Probably not intoxicated enuf to feel high hahahah


Machiam playing from Spotify's Top 100 Tracks? LOL
The transition from one song to another is just horrible!!! Totally spoil mood!!!

Some guys entertaining LOL 
Dance battle sia hahaha 

230am... Was too bored so we went to Joyce's apartment, chit chat.. 
Around 530am then went back to our apartment!!! My eyes was dying!!! LOL
Super tired!!! ZZZZZzzzzzzz

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