Monday, January 2, 2017

Hello 2017

Wow haven't visited this page for a year or so.
And so much has changed ever since.
Is it time for a self reflection/ recap post?

Let's go through what happened in 2016


Countdown @ Taipei 101 with my favourite people!

Flew alone for the first time to a foreign country for a design conference (Thanks BDA)!
but there were colleagues and friends there to look after me so it wasn't a solo trip yet.

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Celebrated CNY with an additional member!
Helped Madeline to take care of Momo while her and her family spend their CNY @ Malaysia.
It's also a great factor as to why I'm having Maomao now :')


When 93sSquad got really close and went for shoots almost weekly! 

I also applied for University Admission in Design Comm which I didn't got in.
I felt a bit defeated when I received the news but hey I gotta be positive.
Maybe the door didn't open up for me because it wasn't meant for me.
Later I found out that the rejection wasn't trying to imply that I'm not good at what I'm doing.
But it's just the work that I'm producing are already the industry standard. Well...

Up till today, I'm still glad that I wasn't accepted because I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing now! :')


Went for my first gig - Of Monsters and Men! 

At the point of time, I was feeling really exhausted from work and trying to figure out life
(the time when I was rejected from uni). I was deciding to go on a solo travel journey but something came along the way...


I've decided to add a new member to my family *_*
Which mummy finally allowed!!!
Because of how cute Momo was when we took care of him during CNY hehehe
That's where my budget for my initial solo trip went to hahahah but it's WORTH IT

Made an awesome group of friends in the doggy circle, sharing and exchanging tips and tricks which I learnt a lot about to take care of Maomao!
My lifetime commitment :')
I'll always try to give her the best that I can afford within my means.


My first travel of the year(!!!!) You have no idea how long I've been waiting for this trip to happen.
My second time @ Hong Fucking Kong!!!! Absolutely ADORE this city, wouldn't mind coming back every year! Awesome company as well.
And it was also during at the time He made me super upset and disgusted


My first ever trip with my BFF!!! *_*
We went on a hiking trip as well. I freaking love the feeling when you're on top of a mountain.
Hiking will always be something I wanna do every year. How I wish Singapore have mountains to hike hahahah


The 93sSquad decided to try our luck at joining the #MTVBigPass contest.
Had a idea, came to my house and started shooting away. I did the edit!

Which turned our life upside down!

First event that we attended: RockAway Festival @ KL!!!


And just 1 week later, WE WENT FOR THE BEST PARTY EVER, IT'S THE SHIP 2016
This video shall be a proof of our youth! 10 years down the road, I bet I'll fucking miss all of these

Let bygones be bygones.

Our 3rd leg: Neonlights Festival!
But on Day 1, I had to attend Tracy's wedding :)
So happy for her!!! *_*

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Always my favourite month of the year because it's hella festive + most of my fav ppl's birthday + as well as mine :p

MTV Big Pass - The last leg
My first EDM Music Festival! ZOUKOUTTTTTT 

And there, end of year turned out to be pretty havoc and awesome!

Ended the last few days of the year with awesome friends *_*
Wouldn't want it any other way.
I'm way happier now!

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Goodbye, you :')
I need time to replace what I gave away

BYE 2016! It's been good!
2017 will continue to be better.

I will buck up and improve on myself. Figure out what I want in life!
Be a better friend, sister, daughter.